The Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center is now officially a  program of the New England Wildlife Centers.  We are a non-profit wildlife hospital and education center located in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Each year we provide veterinary care and rehabilitation to  2,300 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. In the process of caring for these patients we work to educate members of the  public and spread the message of environmental conservation . Each day we work to preserve the rich natural history of Cape Cod and the islands, one animal – and one person at a time.

As a community based organization we work to bring the model of care-based education to the students of all ages on Cape Cod community.  Today our 5-acre facility in Barnstable, MA is bustling with students, staff, volunteers and members of the public all working towards a single goal; raising the level of environmental stewardship in our community through the provision of high quality medical care to wildlife in need and environmental education to students of all ages.

If you have a wildlife emergency, would like to schedual an education program, or would like to join dedicated team of volunteers give us a call!  508-362 0111.  Thank you!

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