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Loki’s Education Index is a space to explore science and wildlife topics in no particular order. It is designed to be fun, distracting, and to peak your interest. If you learn one new fact today Loki has done his job!

Science for Social Distancing!

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been creating educational videos for students of all ages. Get up close and personal with our patients and learn science topics along the way! If there is a topic you are curious about contact us and we will do our best to cover it in a future video!

Recent Articles From NEWCS staff Scientists

Pepé Le Pew and His Skunk Friends

Baby skunks Pepé Le Pew, the French Striped Skunk was an “odor-able kitty” on a constant quest for love. He pursued not only skunks but an unfortunate black kitty with a white paint stripe down her back, using classic pick -up lines like “I am ze locksmith of love”,...

What is a Veterinary Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

Photo of Caryn Ritchie holding a swan I have been in the unique position to be able to work in a capacity that combines both of my passions and my career choices. I am currently working at the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable as a Veterinary Psychiatric...

Who’s Coming Down the Chimney?

This owl was rescued from a chimney. This time of year when we hear footsteps on the rooftop and noises in our chimney we get very excited because we think Santa Claus is coming to visit and leave us presents under our tree.  Sometimes that happens if we have...

November is for Thanks

Thank you to the groups of people, including you, who help us care for wildlife every day. To be a successful Wildlife Hospital you must have many people supporting you in a variety of ways. November is the month we traditionally give thanks, and I would like to thank...

Hummingbirds on Cape Cod

Hummingbirds on Cape Cod

Cape Codders love to watch and feed their birds.  Most people have a certain species that is special to them, but hummingbirds seem to be special to everyone.  I don’t know if it is their diminutive size, their quiet buzzing, or their flitting and...

Rodents, Raptors and An Act Relative to Pesticides

Rodents, Raptors and An Act Relative to Pesticides

The Cooper's Hawk is listed as a species of special concern in Massachusetts. Photo by Joe DeSousa via Unsplash. Where there are humans, there are rodents. For half a milennia our dwellings, food stores, and uniquely messy tendencies have provided a steady and...

Can I be a wildlife rehabilitator?

People often ask “Can I be a wildlife rehabilitator?” The short answer is “Yes, with some hard work”. There is a very specific process to become a wildlife rehabilitator in Massachusetts. Most interested people first take a...

Nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife is a term I rarely use, but hear almost on a daily basis from callers in the community.  The definition of nuisance wildlife is any animal that interferes with other human activities or that is menacing, or destructive.  There are the...

Watch Our Director Fight a Squirrel

We are seeing a big increase in the number of calls for squirrels nesting in cars. With the pandemic people are driving less, and as a result squirrels are taking advantage and inhabiting the engine compartments. This video shows our directors harrowing experience trying to get “steven” the squirrel out his car. 

Man Vs. Squirrel

What to do (and not to do) if a rodent moves into your vehicle 

Night Of A Thousand faces

The Absolute Strangest (and most fun!) Halloween Video you have ever seen, featuring Jeff Corwin and our educational owls Thor and Loki. Buckle up for this one, the mystery of the Owl and the Pumpkin is intense!