Loki’s Index

Loki’s Education Index is a space to explore science and wildlife topics in no particular order. It is designed to be fun, distracting, and to peak your interest. If you learn one new fact today Loki has done his job!

Science for Social Distancing!

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been creating educational videos for students of all ages. Get up close and personal with our patients and learn science topics along the way! If there is a topic you are curious about contact us and we will do our best to cover it in a future video!

Recent Articles From NEWCS staff Scientists

When people stay in, wildlife comes out!

Sir Isaac Newton stated “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. That is proving to be true as we quarantine during this Covid-19 pandemic.  As more people are staying indoors, more animals are filling up the spaces that are now vacant.  They have...

The cost of caring

When your pets get sick, you bring them to your veterinarian to be treated. Your pets fortunately have you to provide financial and medical support. When wildlife gets orphaned, sick or injured, whose responsibility is it to get it medical care and to pay for it? All...

Through the eyes of a squirrel

Although we normally don’t attribute human qualities to wildlife at the Cape Wildlife Center, by observing the animals we do believe they experience feelings. Squirrels appear to show happiness, curiosity, frustration, anger and fear.  Try to imagine what an...

Understanding the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

The National Audubon Society’s first major accomplishment in protecting birds, was the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) that was signed into law in 1918.  For the past 100 years this act has saved millions, if not billions of birds.  Still, most people don’t...

Turtles on the move!

Massachusetts is home to 10 species of land turtles and half of them are threatened, endangered or of special concern.  They range in size from the 4” Bog turtle to the Snapping turtle which can grow up to 20” long.   The Cape Wildlife Center will see all of these...

West Nile, Newcastle, and Tick-Borne Diseases

All of us are somewhat familiar with ticks and the diseases they carry and can transfer to humans.  Ticks can also bite other mammals, including domestic pets and wildlife potentially infecting that mammal with a tick-borne virus like Lyme disease, Babesiosis,...

Nesting in the wild

All living, breathing beings need homes.  For many wild animals that means a nest of some type.  In the wild you will see nests on the ground, in the trees, under the ground, or even on building structures. Some of the larger mammals will nest on the ground...

Otterly Adorable at Cape Wildlife Center

They were meant for each otter… This baby season we have the opportunity to care for two orphaned North American river otters. Special permission by Mass Wildlife is required to rehabilitate this species and Cape Wildlife is currently the only facility permitted to...

Watch Our Director Fight a Squirrel

We are seeing a big increase in the number of calls for squirrels nesting in cars. With the pandemic people are driving less, and as a result squirrels are taking advantage and inhabiting the engine compartments. This video shows our directors harrowing experience trying to get “steven” the squirrel out his car. 

Man Vs. Squirrel

What to do (and not to do) if a rodent moves into your vehicle 

Night Of A Thousand faces

The Absolute Strangest (and most fun!) Halloween Video you have ever seen, featuring Jeff Corwin and our educational owls Thor and Loki. Buckle up for this one, the mystery of the Owl and the Pumpkin is intense!