Loki’s Index

Loki’s Education Index is a space to explore science and wildlife topics in no particular order. It is designed to be fun, distracting, and to peak your interest. If you learn one new fact today Loki has done his job!

Science for Social Distancing!

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been creating educational videos for students of all ages. Get up close and personal with our patients and learn science topics along the way! If there is a topic you are curious about contact us and we will do our best to cover it in a future video!

Recent Articles From NEWCS staff Scientists

Cape Wildlife Center: Lead Poisoning in Wildlife

Growing up wild and reaching adulthood and maybe even old age is no easy task.  In the natural  habitat there is the predator-prey food chain to contend with and unless you are at the top, it’s a constant battle.   Add to that all...

At the Center: Whooo’s Out There?

Cape Cod is home to many owl species. Some, like the Great Horned Owl, are very large and powerful. They can exert five hundred pounds per square inch of pressure with just their talons alone. Others, such as the Northern Saw-whet and Eastern Screech Owl, might appear...

Check Out CWC on The Point with Mindy Todd!

Listen Here! "Cape Wildlife Center is a non-profit veterinary clinic dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation, and release of sick and injured animals. We talk with Zak Mertz, executive director of the Center; and Dr. Priva Patel, Cape Wildlife Center veterinarian,...

Swan Song Turned Love Story

For four long years, a male swan lived alone on Mill Pond in West Yarmouth after losing his mate.  No female swan ever came to his territory.  This saddened many people as this swan had quite a following.  Last Spring, Cape Wildlife Center was able to release to him a...

Check Out This Awesome PSA!

Students from The River View School school produced a PSA on CWC as a part of their "whats cooking at River View" segment! They partnered with the Cape Cod Community media center to write the interviews, get the footage, and edit the video.  We love working with our...

We Are Officially Open, but we still need your help!

We are so happy to announce that as of March,1 2017 we have been officially adopted by the Pegasus Foundation and are open for business. Each day we work to promote environmental stewardship and education through the process of caring for wildlife. As a small...

Watch Our Director Fight a Squirrel

We are seeing a big increase in the number of calls for squirrels nesting in cars. With the pandemic people are driving less, and as a result squirrels are taking advantage and inhabiting the engine compartments. This video shows our directors harrowing experience trying to get “steven” the squirrel out his car. 

Man Vs. Squirrel

What to do (and not to do) if a rodent moves into your vehicle 

Night Of A Thousand faces

The Absolute Strangest (and most fun!) Halloween Video you have ever seen, featuring Jeff Corwin and our educational owls Thor and Loki. Buckle up for this one, the mystery of the Owl and the Pumpkin is intense!