The shift cages provide the perfect environment for this Screech Owl’s recovery. Will you help us build 3 new sets to help hundreds of patients this year?

Thanks for Helping Us Reach Our Goal

We are a nonprofit that provides compassionate medical care and rehabilitation treatment to  wildlife on Cape Cod, MA. These animals stay with us until they can be released back into the wild.

Shift enclosures for wildlife are the best type of enclosure to insure increased privacy, decreased stress, reduced handling of the animal, and decreased chance of imprinting or habitation.  Shift enclosures are built so that the space is divided into 2 or 3 sections with pull out panels between each section.  This way the size of space needed for the animal can be adjusted and the animal can be “shifted” from one side to the other for feeding and cleaning without actually handling the animal.  Wildlife, unlike domestic animals get more stressed when faced with human interaction.  They can actually die from this stress.  Our goal is to provide the best medical care and husbandry available without increasing stress to the animals.

The money raised will be going for materials for these enclosures, the labor is being provided free of charge.  The $2000 will provide for the materials for 3 cages that can house up to a maximum of 18 animals.

The materials used will be plywood covered in thin plastic to provide for easy cleaning, safety, and longevity.

This project is starting immediately to ready us for the Spring season which is our peak any intake time for injured and orphaned animals.

Shift Cages